Strong Interest Inventory


About Strong Interest Inventory

The Strong Interest Inventory® assessment helps people discover rich and fulfilling careers by providing convincing insights into a their career interests, helping them to discover potential career paths they may not have considered, and giving them a wealth of information about how they approach the world of work.

Strong Key Features

  • Backed by over 80 years’ research into how people of similar interests are employed, and what motivates them in the workplace
  • Looks at six broad interest areas determining to what extent a person is artistic, social, enterprising, conventional or realistic
  • Measures preferences within 30 professional fields, from the arts to law
  • Ranks the top ten most compatible occupations from a possible 260 specific jobs
  • Describes an individual’s personal style within five workplace themes, such as team working, leadership and risk-taking

Based on large, representative norms that account for race, age and gender.


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