LDP Antananarivo – Madagascar

LDP Antananarivo

• LDP changed my vision of life. It helped me to improve myself, and have a different view of others opinions or visions. It helped me to find who I am at the bottom of my heart. I found my identity. THE REAL ME…..Thanks for giving me the chance to change my point of view! Roumana h.a.k

• An incredibly enlightening journey that gives me strength and hope to build not only the new Me but also to work for the evolution of our community. Refined and spiritual, the program has opened new paths and allows me to see the world from a different perspective. The calm, serenity and gratefulness we feel after the program are precious. Thank you to the capacity building team and the AFED for allowing us to experience those four unforgettable days! Shadia Lery


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We train, consult and give new insight to our clients. In the end we giving the cognisci certificates as to add to their career. This has helped them getting more achievements at their work places and entire society as has given them a unique recognition.


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