We advice our clients on what assessments tools they really require through our research, experience and study of the respective client.


We make sure the candidates are given the best content to guide and develop them through their daily activities.


Our goal is to take you from zero to hero. We make sure our clients’ expectation is met before we close our deal.

Our Assessments Tools


Individual Assessment
Able Series
Saville Consulting
16 Personality Factor
Myers Briggs Type Indicator
Strong Interest Inventory
The Innovation Potential Indicator (Coming Soon)
Organizational Assessment
Myers Briggs Type Indicator
Getahead Entrepreneurship Program
The Innovation Potential Indicator (Coming Soon)
Neuro – Psychology of Learning
Communication & Skills Management
Thomas Kilmann Management Instrument


Who We Are

Cognisci Consult is the leading consultation firm that is highly focusing on nurturing team and anyone in need building a better way of working with collegues daily. We are certified to give you the best assessment that can change how you interact with your team in daily basis. We serve both organization teams and individuals.


Recent Training Conducted

We are a Certified Trusted Company


Our Testimonies

As we strive and ensure professionalism, quality and great content for our clients; This is what our cleints have to say about our service.

Our Partners

Partnering with different industry is part of our culture.We managed to gain the trust of both local and international firms and this has resulted in stronger management that has boosted work morale.

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